Cloud Native: What It Really Means 
and What You Should Know
July 21st 10am AEST
There has been a lot of talk of Cloud Native technologies in the past few years. If you are not doing Cloud Native, you are not cool, right? The quintessential Cloud Native technology is Kubernetes which is one of the most popular projects in the Cloud Native Computing Foundation [CNCF]. Like microservices, we are pushing into Cloud Native technologies to support newer design goals.

Cloud Native is a paradigm shift that is more than one technology or provider. The velocity and choice in Cloud Native technologies are increasing all of the time. Keeping up and operationalizing/deploying this new paradigm can be a challenge. Don’t worry your buds at Harness got you covered.

Options for Deployment Tools: Spinnaker & Harness

July 27th 10am AEST

Continuous Delivery is certainly leading the charge in engineering efficiency. When looking at a platform to build your Continuous Delivery solution on, two names come to mind; Harness and the Spinnaker Project. In this webinar, we take a look at both platforms with an objective lens showing opinions in both platforms to help achieve Continuous Delivery goals.
Product Demo: Harness Continuous 
July 29th 10am AEST
Tired of trying to manage deployments using long hours and a mountain of custom scripts? Find yourself outgrowing Jenkins and other CI tools as a means to perform true Continuous Delivery?

Take 30 minutes and see a technical "how to" presentation on Harness, the industry's first Continuous Delivery-as-a-Service platform. Harness provides you with easy to configure templates of pipelines that you can have up and running in minutes (designed and built in part by a former Google engineer deeply involved with the creation of K8s).

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