The Importance of Continuous Delivery
in Business Continuity

Friday | April 17th 10 am PT


As a community, we are facing unprecedented challenges with the global health pandemic. Businesses are starting to lean on their Business Continuity Plans [BCPs] and demand and workforce changes. Business Continuity Plans if you are under regulation could be legally required are designed to ensure that organizations can continue business operations. When compared to a Disaster Recovery [DR] plan, Disaster Recover focuses on restoring an IT system.

In a BCP triggering event, your Continuous Delivery pipeline becomes even more critical. With the potential loss of institutional knowledge about making a deployment even if you have an industry-wide tool like Kubernetes, having a systemic way of orchestrating the confidence needed for a release is critical. Learn from the experts at Harness why having good CD practices is key.

Join the webinar and learn:

  • The 1,2,3’s of a BCP
  • Technology learning curve has different areas of challenge
  • A forgotten part of IT risk is making change after the restoration
  • How Harness can help orchestrate confidence steps

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Presented by:
Ravi Lachhman
Continuous Delivery & DevOps Evangelist
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