Before the Deployment:
Source Code and Artifact Management

Wednesday | June 10th 10 am PT


At Harness, we certainly help further your Continuous Delivery goals. But behind every deployment, there has to be something to deploy. Typically software engineers are developing features and the code they create needs to head somewhere. Source Code Management [SCM] and Artifact Management are pillars in the day-to-day job of software engineers.

With the popularity of Git, understanding the foundation of SCM is important. As humans, we understand words [code] but the machines only understand binary [artifacts]. For our applications, some sort of artifact is needed to deploy. Learn from Harness the tools that help before the deployment.

Join the webinar and learn:

  • History and use cases of source code/artifact management
  • Popular commands in Git
  • What on earth is a PR [Pull Request for]
  • Once bundled up, deploy with confidence using Harness

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Presented by:
Ravi Lachhman
Continuous Delivery & DevOps Evangelist
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