Observability Concepts
for Software Delivery

Tuesday | May 19th 10 am PT


One of the hottest topics on conference tracks is Observability, continually trending as a critical interest to enterprise developers and operations. Observability helps users understand their systems, anything from what's slow, what's broken, and what needs to be improved next iteration.

However, distributed systems present unique challenges in adopting and scaling observability. To manage and understand your applications, we need more than the traditional approaches to observability. But don’t worry your friends at Harness have you covered!

Join the webinar and learn:

  • The three pillars of observability
  • What is needed to verify your deployments
  • How to use telemetry data to create sustainable pipelines
  • How Harness can help in adoption and automation of observability solutions

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Presented by:
Tiffany Jachja
Continuous Delivery & DevOps Evangelist
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