Seattle Continuous Delivery Meetup

Wednesday | September 18th | Surf Incubator

{Calling all DevOps!}

The goal of many DevOps initiatives is to push code to production as quickly as the business needs it. But using metrics to understand and improve delivery is hard. The answer lies in Continuous Delivery — and effectively employing CD best practices even in complex microservices and Kubernetes environments. But how?

Join Harness and your local DevOps folks in the Seattle area for an evening of Machine Learning, Kubernetes, and beer. 

We'll discuss how DevOps leaders can leverage the gamification of the delivery process to slice data from any application, environment, or service perspective to determine where time is spent on a release cycle. For example, that time may be spent in the deployment itself, or perhaps in QA (example metrics include lead time, deployment velocity, MTTR, and change/failure rate).

Attend to Learn How:

  • To automate the verification and tests of production deployments
  • How to apply unsupervised machine learning algorithms to time-series metrics and unstructured log data
  • To understand how the teams at Twitter, Charles Schwab, & Square achieved "gold standard CD" in a matter of months

Register today, space is limited

September 18th 3:30 pm


harnesslogosolo.png    3:30pm  Guests Arrive - Networking, appetizers & drinks
harnesslogosolo.png    4:00pm  Informative & technical presentations

harnesslogosolo.png    6:30pm  Networking & wrap up

Surf Incubator
999 3rd Ave, Ste 700
Seattle, WA 98104
Presented By:
Rich Steck
Director of Architecture

Nick Durkin
Field CTO

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