Tired of trying to manage deploys using long hours and a mountain of custom scripts? Find yourself outgrowing Jenkins and other CI tools as a means to perform true Continuous Delivery? If so, take 30 minutes and see a technical demo of Harness, the industry's first Continuous Delivery-as-a-Service platform.

Watch the demo and see how:

  • To build complex pipelines (canary, rolling, blue/green) in a manner of minutes

  • To leverage machine learning to verify deployments and automatically roll back failures

  • To get a single source of truth for the entire CD process

  • To cut countless hours and pain from the process of delivering code to production

Presented By

Steve Burton

Steve is CD Geek at Harness. Prior to Harness, Steve did Geek stuff at AppDynamics, Moogsoft and Glassdoor. Steve started his career as a Java developer back in 2004 at Sapient. When he’s not playing around with technology he’s normally watching Formula 1 or researching cars on the internet.
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© 2017 Harness. All rights reserved. harness.io